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Commercial Interior Design

When it comes to Commercial Interior Design, there are multiple objectives that need to be met. You need to create a space that will be inspiring to your workers, so they'll be more productive. The space needs to be inviting so it's comfortable and energized. The flow needs to support the way you work. And if it's a public space, like a restaurant for instance, it needs to draw people in so they'll want to stay longer and, of course, want to come back often. It's a tall order.  

Portland Commercial Interior Designer, Jamie Stark of Love It Design, takes the intimidation out of creating the ideal commercial space. Whether you're designing an office space, restaurant or other retail space, or any other type of public venue, Love It Design will help you bring your vision to life. Love It Design offers a full range of commercial interior design services including:

  • Restaurant Design,
  • Office Design,
  • Workflow and Space Planning, and
  • Remodels and New Construction.

As a full service interior design firm, Love It Design also offers Residential Interior Design, Lighting Design, Interior Design Consulting and Professional Organizer Services.

"Taking the Intimidation Out of Interior Design"
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