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Lighting Design

Too bright and it's obnoxious. Too dim and you can't see what you're doing or appreciate what's around you. When it comes to lighting design, targeting, types of lights, and placement all come into play. It can be a lot to deal with. Working with an experienced lighting designer will make all the difference.  

Love It Design is a Portland Interior Design firm offering a specialty in Lighting Design. Often times a room or space has all the right materials, colors, fabrics and finishes. If the lighting is off, none of it will pop. Lighting is the last, and one of the most important aspects of interior design, that gets overlooked. Love It Design has an uncommon level of experience in lighting design, ensuring that the interior design that you've worked so hard to plan and execute will come to life, no matter the season, time of day or level of natural light your space has.

As a full service interior design firm, Love It Design also offers Commercial Interior Design, Residential Interior Design, Interior Design Consulting and Professional Organizer Services.

"Taking the Intimidation Out of Interior Design"
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